Welcome to BitcoinZ Community !

In decentralization we trust.

Ask not what your BTCZ Community can do for you, but ask what you can do for your BTCZ Community.

About BitcoinZ

- BitcoinZ is Bitcoin 2.0
- Started on 9th September 2017
- Bitcoin technology
- Anonymous transactions (zk-SNARKs privacy)
- Algo: Equihash (similar to Bitcoin Gold, always GPU mining - we promote decentralization in mining)
- Max supply 21B coins
- Current supply: 12500 coins every 2.5 minutes
- Current block size is similar to BCC/BCH (BTCZ = 2MB every 2.5 mins ~ BCC/BCH = 8MB every 10 min)
- Core fork. Not Blockchain fork.

Some basic rules

- Don't keep your coins in exchanges - always store your coins in your wallet
- You own coins when you have access to private key of your address. Check your public address (taddr) balance in explorers
- Backup your wallet in many locations
- Store big amount of coins in cold wallets in anonymous addresses
- Don't trust anyone. Don't forget about Exchanges / other sites collapse in history
- Don't give / send anyone your private keys. Private key is the only thing you need to own your address coins. If you give or send anyone your private key please consider it as a red flag and quickly move your coins to other address
- Make sure you don't have any malware / viruses. A lot of them are looking for wallet.dat file. Wallet is not encrypted. Run wallet only on clean system with antivirus software installed.
- You use all service at your own risk. We don't guarantee anything. All listed services here are just for info purpose.
- Read external resources about security

New Tutorial to make a TOR Node

Alternative text - include a link to the PDF!

Thanks to Slack @ Swisstrader for this tutorial !

BitcoinZ Info Bulletin

- If you want to add latest informations about BitcoinZ let's go on this website !
You will find informations about development projects
Exchanges status
You just have to follow this link :
https://info.btcz.rocks/ !

Latest News

TxtZ ! Send and receive BTCZ with you phone and not only smartphones ! Let's take your 3310 and send btcz !

Coinbene coming in next days.

Looking for volunteers:

Request exchange & pools listings.https://github.com/bitcoinz-pod/bitcoinz/issues/15
If you don't know how to help just run wallet and keep it open (full node) - it helps decentralization!
We need more seeders. Setup node and post your dns. Post your seed here
Setup TOR nodes - Good guide from ZENCash team
Prepare nice guides / videos: setup node, wallet, mining rig etc. - anywhere: steemit youtube etc.
Help to improve existing website (join #webdev channel @ slack) or create new one. We are decentralized! Setup your nice webpage!