Wallets for beginners

On this page you will find all the informations you need to hold your BitcoinZ in security.

Web BitcoinZ Wallet

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Android BitcoinZ Wallet

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BitcoinZ for Windows - command line only

All the instructions are in the Git page.

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Wallet for MacOS

All the instructions are in the Git page.

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BitcoinZ Windows and Linux Wallets - nice GUI - Swing Wallet (Recommended)

Simple to use. On Windows just execute the .exe and let load the blockchain.

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Android Wallet Error FIX

1. Press "New Personal Wallet"

2. Add wallet name like "funds wallet"

3. Change the Random to > Specify recovery phase then enter your 12 Keyword Recovery phase in the text box

4. Press the "Create new wallet" then find the > Scan transaction in settings. After sync, it will show all your transaction's history and current balance.
Thanks to Slack @ Je : BTCZ address t1NnJVXwpJsfdK5RKXgeUzEPXRb7c6DhPpd

Windows and Linux Wallet - Solve blockchain loading not working(GUI version)

If you encounter a connection problem like locked at 0,02%, do this :
1. Close the wallet if running.
2. Go to your AppData folder and open BitcoinZ folder.
3. Edit the bitcoinz.conf file and add these nodes - just paste them into the file:
4. Save, close.
5. Rerun the wallet executable.

Windows and Linux Wallet (GUI version) - Solve RPC error

If you have a connection error when you start the wallet, close the wallet, delete content in your AppData/BitcoinZ folder but DON'T delete the file wallet.dat ! Then restart the wallet exe.

Windows and Linux Wallet BACKUP Tutorial (GUI version)

1. Click on "Wallet"
2. Click on "Backup..." Key is Ctrl+B
3. Select the folder where you want to save the backup file
4. Enter the file name in the text input
5. Click on "save"
6. Nothing to do on 6, your wallet has been Backuped ah ah !

Windows and Linux Wallet Restore with Private key Tutorial (GUI version)

1. Click on "Wallet" section menu
2. There are two ways to import keys
2.1 From a file, click on "Import private keys..." Key is Ctrl+i
2.2 From one key, Click on "Import one private key..." Key is Ctrl+i
3. if you have chosen 2.1 step click on "OK", then chose the key file / if you have chosen 2.2 step, fill input and click "Import"

Windows and Linux Wallet Private key export Tutorial (GUI version)

Work in progress

Windows and Linux Wallet Encrypt Tutorial (GUI version)

Alternative text - include a link to the PDF!

Thanks to Slack @ Rizzman10000 for this tutorial !

Transfer your MyBitcoinZ CoPay wallet to the swing BitcoinZ Windows and Linux Wallets (GUI version)

1. Open MyBitcoinZ and go to settings
2. Click your wallet under Wallets & Integrations
3. At the bottom click More Options then click "Export Wallet"
4. It will require you to put in a password, enter a password and select Download
5. Save the .json file somewhere safe
6. Open .json file with notepad
7. Navigate to https://bitwiseshiftleft.github.io/sjcl/demo/
8. Copy and paste .json file contents into Ciphertext box
9. Enter Password into the Password text box
10. Click the "Decrypt" arrow above the Ciphertext box
11. In the box that says Plaintext, find where it says xPrivKey and copy the key - ie, copy the bold portion
:: "xPrivKey":"xprv9s21ZrQH143K4AQUJKjefk34jdlfkdf99383kjfkJFwkfjekJkaeipqFKKEM3434"
12. Navigate to https://bip32jp.github.io/english/
13. Copy xPrivKey into BIP32 Extended Key
14. Select BIP 44 k'th account i'th keypair (receive) from the Derivation Path dropdown
15. Typically Account and Keypair Index will be 0, if you've used any but the first public address assigned to you by MyBitcoinZ wallet, you'll have to change this. I'll explain how to figure that out below.
16. Copy the field Private Key (WIF)
17. Open swing wallet, click Wallet dropdown, import one private key and paste the Private Key (WIF) into the input box

If you're not using the first address given to you by MyBitcoinZ wallet
1. All the information is the same except when you navigate to the website in step 12
2. You'll find your Wallet Addresses under "Wallet Addresses" under Settings -> More Options
3. Find the wallet address you need, you'll see xpub/0/1, xpub/0/2, etc. The last number is what you'll put into Keypair index on the website in step 12 which will recover the funds from that wallet address into your swing wallet

Why does my wallet address change when using MyBitcoinZ Wallet?

Because the wallet is what is called an HD wallet, or Hierarchical Deterministic based on BIP32 using 12 word seed phrase.
This wallet uses the seed phrase to generate many wallet addresses and their private keys.
It helps keep your transactions a little more private due to the constant changing addresses.
You can read more here: https://bitcoin.org/en/glossary/hd-protocol